November 02, 2012

spring wardrobe

it's always so hard to know what to wear during melbourne spring. one day it's hot, the next it's freezing. well, it's certainly good inspiration to rummage through your whole wardrobe to see what you can find. here are some of the things i've been enjoying wearing lately, plus a few little extras.

beauty & use top - i was very lucky to score this. i can wear it on its own on warmer days and over a wool top on cooler days. i like the sleeves rolled up.

sniffle co woody allen brooch - i should wear this more often, but it sits on my dresser and i look at woody everyday.

sunglasses - these were too dark to wear in europe but they're mandatory in our blazing sun (and also as protection from swooping birds, which happened to me the other day).

le labo - jasmine. perfect for spring.

kleen kanteen water bottle - i take this everywhere.

a beautiful purse, made by a friend.

a.p.c + porselli ballet flats - i bought these in paris. they fit me much better than repettos.

invisible cities - it'll be nice to read this after coming home from venice.

oh yes, and a cardigan that i made ages ago and just recently got around to putting buttons on.

- have a happy weekend -